South America

I am taking a flight to Lima from Philadelphia to spend 3 days there.
The round trip cost will be about $3,600 dollars with stops. I am taking
Continental Airline and American Airlines.
American Airlines
American Airlines
external image airplane_in_flight.jpg

Day 1

Arrive in Lima at 11:00am,
Take a taxi over to the Lima Sheraton where i will be staying for the next 3 nights.
It will cost about 75$ a night.
external image sheraton-lima-hotel-lima-peru-03.jpg
Sheraton - Lima

1:00 after checking in and the ride to the hotel i am off to see the Plaza Mayor;_ylt=Aru82oW_KyaNW4JJ6VbnFAX9FmoL
I'll spend 3 hours exploring and looking around the plaza where the spanish first founded Lima.
Also while here in going to see the Parroquia del Sagrario Cathedral which is in the main plaza.

external image 23885099.jpg
Inside the Parroquia del Sagrario


After a few hours of exploring the Plaza Mayor im going to find myself somewhere to eat.
I hear the best place in town is the Rosa Nautica so i thought i might try it out.
external image 302106219_edf0d66b2b_m.jpg
La Rosa Nautica
I was recomended the ahi tuna which i did try and enjoyed very much.


Im not taking a taxi back to the hotel and calling it a night.

Day 2


Wake up, Get dressed, Eat breakfest,


I thought today would be fun to see some local and foreign animals, what better place than the zoo or
Parque de las Leyendas (El). A ticket will cost about 8.50 Nuevo Sol.

external image Parque_de_las_leyendas.jpg
Fountain in the zoo

After about 4 hours of seeing exotic animals ill be heading out to lunch.


I am going to eat at another recommended place, La Mar. ( find the menu in there)
La mar is a ceviche restaurant. It's famous for it's ceviche.
external image lamar1a.jpg
La Mar

I tried the ceviche and liked it alot and would eat it again it was so good.


Lunhuana - I am taking a taxi over to the little village of Lunhuana which is known for its outdoor sports and activities espicially
kayaking. I will do this till about 6:00 ish and head back to hotel for T.V. than to bed.
I am going to try Kayaking as recommended.
external image lunahuana_rob.jpg
Dude kayaking


Head back to the Hotel for a good Nights sleep.

Day 3


Wake up, Breakfest,


For my final day i thought it would be cool to visit a museum.
I am going to the Museo de la Nacion. Fee - 9 Nueve Sol

external image SOM3_photo1.jpg
The Museum outside look

I am going to spend 3 hours looking around at all of the works of art from ancient times to now.
external image peru6.jpg
Inside the museum


To end my trip in Lima peru im going to spend the rest of my day relaxing and tanning on El Playa el Silencio.( A beach)
external image santa8un.jpg
Playa el SIlencio

Having a fun day at the beach until about 5 i'll then head back to the Hotel and pack up and grab a taxi back to the
airport for my flight back to Philadelphia.

Absolute Location - 12 degrees S, 77 degress W
Relative Location - Middle West coastline of Peru
Approximate Size/Population - 1,031 sq miles, 7.6 million people
Climate/Expected weather - Mild temperatures yr round, Few rainfalls
Capital of Country - Lima
Type of Govmnt - Democracy
Currency - Nueve Sol , 9 Nueve sol = 3 USD