North America

Day 1

New York -
I am taking Amtrak from 30th street stations to New York city Penn Station
on the 7:00 am train and arriving at about 8:30 for an hour and a half ride.
The train ticket will cost around 77$ for a faster than regular ride.

Amtrak Train
Amtrak Train

Amtrak Train

Once i Arrive in New York City i'll then take a taxi to my hotel, Millenium.
3 nights in the millenium will cost around 194$ USD a night.
external image e-millinneumhotel.jpg
Millenium Hotel


After my things are packed and im checked in, im gonna go grab some lunch
in the hotel cafe.


Done lunch, off to see a show on Broadway.
I chose to see the Lion King at 2:00pm.
Its about 2 hours and 45 minuetes long and will cost about 69$.

external image lion-king-kissy-a-web.jpg
Picture from The Lion King


After the lion king im going back to the Hotel to watch some T.V and then go to bed.

Day 2
Wake up at 9am get dressed eat breakfest, out of hotel by 10am.

Today i am taking another taxi over to Battery Park for cruis to the statue of Liberty, and to Ellis
Island. I am going to climb the Statue of Liberty and get some awesome views of New York skyline.
Ellis Island will also be cool to see because that's where my grandmother from ireland who is still
alive went through when she came to the U.S. I took the 1:00 o'clock ferry so i will be back around 4:00.
external image photo-liberty.jpg
Statue of Liberty


After taking a taxi back from battery park to the hotel im going to walk and I am going to finish my day off with some Chinese Food.

I am going to have the Kung Pow Chicken which is what i always get and its contents are spiced sauce pn chicken in a dish with nuts
and vegetables.

After dinner im back to the hotel to chill and go back to bed.

Day 3

Wake up at 9am get dressed and have breakfest until about 10am.


Today i am taking a taxi and spending most of my day at the Metrpolitan Museum of Art. Designed in 1895 and has over 1.5 million square
feet of exhibiton space. I am going to walk around and admire some art for a few hours.


Take a taxi to the museum.;_ylt=AmW9yMy5WCrridg4OqcyqICcFmoL
external image 368466532_ca487456ab_m.jpg
Picture of the Museum


After a long day at the museum im feeling really worn out and in need of a good meal.
So i am going to take a taxi to a restaurant called Rock Bottom Bistro.
I chose Rock Bottom because it's not that far away and it has good reviews.

external image rock-bottom-restaurant-brewery.jpg
Rock Bottom Restaurant

After a New York strip im taking a taxi back to the Hotel and packing up and heading back to North Penn Station for my Amtrak back to Philadelphia.

Absolute Location - 43 degress N, 23 degress E.
Relative Location - Farthest southern tip on New York
Size and Population - 305 square miles, 8.3 million people
Climate expected weather - Cold winters, Hot moist summers, alot of Rain ea year, Expected weather for my trip, sunny and an
average of 76 degrees for the 3 days.
Capital city - Washington D.C.
Type of Government - Democracy
Relative currency - USD 200$ hotel night, 1 person meal 15-30$