Paris -

I am taking a flight to Paris to spend 3 days there.
Departing from Philadelphia and Ariving in Paris, A non-stop round trip will cost around $2,694.
I will be flying on Air France and Delta.

Air France
Air France

external image delta-airplane.jpg
Delta Plane

Day 1

Arriving in Paris at about 8:00 am, i will take a taxi to the Hotel i am staying at for 3 nights.
I am staying in Hotel Cervantes which goes for about 89 € a night.

external image REST0-20090817-093606-463.jpg
Inside the Hotel


After checking in and the ride to the hotel it is around 10 am.
I am going to spend part of the morning viewing one of the most historic landmarks in
all of Europe, The Eiffel Tower. I'll take a taxi over and then climb up the tower.

external image eiffel-tower-day.jpg
The Eiffel Tower
Since i want to go to the top it's going to cost me around 9.9 euros.
I will be taking the elevator not the stairs..climbing up and looking around the park will take me about 2 hours.


Lunch Time..

Café de la Liberté


I was reccomended to try the French onion soup which i tried and hated, but it's okay because the
place was nice and i had a good experience.


After eating Lunch i thought it might be a good idea to visit the Louvre.

I'll spend 3 hours walking around Paris' most famous museum and looking at some of the most famous
sculptures and painting including the Mona Lisa. A full day ticket their is about 9.5 euros.
external image Louvre-at-Dusk.jpg
Entrance to The Louvre
external image 10_leonardo-da-vinci-mona-lisa.1.jpg
The Mona Lisa

Back to the Hotel for some hotel dinner than to bed..

Day 2

Wake up get dressed and eat continental breakfest


Today i decide to take a 5 hour Photo tour of Paris where a tour company will take me all around Paris and
i will be taking great photos for my trip here.

Pont Alezander III
Pont Alezander III

Picture taken from tour


To finish off my second day i thought i'd take a look inside the Notre Dame Cathedral.
I'll go in the cathedral and see the well known stain glass that's supposivley really awesome.
I was also recommended to take a walk around the church if i were to go because the estate is
apparently mind-blowing.

external image notre-dame-cathedral-montreal3.jpg
Inside the Cathedral


Back to the Hotel for bed and Hotel cafe dinner.

Day 3

wake up, get dressed, continental breakfest.


Im gonna grab a taxi and get a ride over the Arc de Triumphe.
I will climb to the top and admire the generals names written all over it.
I might even take a climb to the top, which is hard though considering how steep it is.

external image arc0.jpg
The Arc de Triomphe


Time for Lunch at the Le dome
Im trying the oysters which is reccommend and i happen to love them.
The meal was about 15 euros which isn't cheap but it was well worth it.

external image par-le-dome-1.jpg
Le Dome


My final activity in France is going to be a cruis on the Siene River.
Im taking the 3:00 cruise which will last about an hour and a half and cost me around 32 euros.,15-tour-paris-river-cruise-river-seine.htm?Affiliate=3295c72cb1

external image seine-river-cruise1.jpg
Picture of the Cruise near the eiffel tower


Back to the hotel to pack and head back to philly, i'll eat at the airport.

Absolute Location - 49 degrees N, 2 degrees E
Relative location - Northern central France
Size/Population - 33.6 square miles, 2.2 million people
Climate/Expected weather - oceanic climate, mild all year, expected sunshine for all 3 days.
Capital city of Country - Paris
Government there - Democracy
Relative currency - The Euro