Cairo -

For my trip to Cairo i'll be travelling on Air France. I'll be departing in Philadelphia Intl, and connecting in Paris, France.
Once in Paris i'll than take my plane to Cairo. I'll be doing the same backwards for my trip home.
The trip in all will cost about $3,519

Air France
Air France

external image air-france-flight3.jpg
Air France Plane

Day 1

Arrive in Cairo at about 10:00am and head off to my hotel Sheraton Cairo.
For 3 nights it'll cost me around 180 USD, yes they take American Money.
external image SheratonCairo_exterior.jpg
My Sheraton hotel in Cairo


After eating a hotel lunch im off for activities in Cairo.

Im going to first grab a taxi ride over to the Gayer-Anderson Museum which is a museum of an historic house of Eygpt from 16th century.

external image gayer-anderson-museum.jpg
One of the restored museums


For the rest of my day i am going to visit the Citadel which is a 1174 eygptian Mosque where egyptian rulers lived for 700 years.
A trip in cost about 5 USD. I'll do this for the rest of the day.
external image 1628_2008112203.jpg
The Citadel


Go home and go to cafe for a burger and than bed.

Day 2


Wake up, Get ready, Eat cafe breakfest..


external image Egypt+and+Jordan+2007+027.jpg
Keops Pyramid, and the Sphinx

That picture pritty much says it all, both monuements built with over 2 million limesotne bricks, Keops is one of the last and most ancients things of human history.
I spent about 5 hours walking around this historic sites and taking it all in. The trip out there is about 35 minuetes and once your out there its about 30 USD to walk
around and enter the exhibit.


How about a late Lunch?
How about the world famous Abou El SId?
Very, Very, Very tasty steak, not just fresh, but good spices on it.
external image abuelsid-EmmaLevine-510x286.jpg
Abou Al sid


Back to hotel, t.v, bed, skipped dinner got food poisioning at Abou al Sid..

Day 3

Today i thought it would be cool to take a nile cruise and exlore Souther Eygpt.
Im taking a tour company who's gonna show me some must sees of the area.

external image 132.JPG
Boat on Nile
While on the tour i explored the nile and the people who inhabit it, i saw some exotic creatures living along,around,and in the Nile.
If you go to cairo i deffinately recommend this tour company to take you somewhere.
I also chose with the same company to view luxor..and what better way than in a hot air balloon?

external image 27.jpg

Views were absolutely breathetaking...


After a long day it's about time to head back and pack up and head back to Philly..

Absoulute Location - 30 degrees N, 32 degrees E.
Relative Location - Northern Center Eygpt along Nile.
Size/Population - 174 square miles./8 million people
Climate/expected weather - Desert climate, hot all year long..expected weather HOTTT
Capital city of Country - Cairo
Government - Semi-Presidential Republic
Relative Currency - Eygptian Pound, 1 EP = about 18 cents of USD